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We keep it simple. Small crew. Doc-style video. Portable, practical gear. Most important, a minimal footprint that renders us invisible on location.

That makes us fast, mobile, smart, and cost efficient, with an eagle eye for filming exactly what you need for your next event recap video, web featurette, corporate culture exposé, marketing film, or CEO interview.

And of course, if you simply insist on a full Hollywood production with all the trimmings... we've got 20 years' experience doing that, too!

/ production

/ aflac "millennials"   2:26
more production
/ nfte "expo showcase"   6:22
/ nike "born mvp"   7:23
/ aflac "focus on you"   2:14
partner with us
Ten Voices is a multi-part web series in development, designed to counteract the alarming rise in negative rhetoric against Muslim-Americans that's been growing for several years.
Yellow Whale is currently seeking corporate and individual funding for this timely and important video message, rooted in core American values. Your sponsorship can help make it happen.
Contact us for more information, including our written proposal and a detailed cost estimate. Together, we can make our home a better, smarter, and more peaceful place for all Americans.
click to read, download, or print proposal pdf
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