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We've been around. And we're proud to say it! We have a diverse, unique background across multiple disciplines for multiple brands in multiple languages using multiple technologies in multiple positions over multiple years.
And we've done it in Mexico, PR, and South America, too.
We know what we're doing - and have the experience to improvise if needed. Whatever the ask, WE DELIVER!

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Producer. Publisher. Writer. Problem-solver. A legend in the Hispanic advertising industry, and winner of the Belding, Se Habla Espanol, Telly, NY Film Festival, and several CLIO Awards.

"They say, if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. It's absolutely true - and it's been a spectacular ride! I've had a wealth of wonderful experiences and worked with some truly legendary and amazing people - and I'm always looking forward to my next adventure."
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cuqui mohat-portune

Editor. Producer. Director. Composer. Designer. Graphic artist. 2D Animator. Copywriter. Blogger. Awards including the CLIO, Telly, Belding, NY Film Festival, and MTV International Best Music Video.
You'd think that a guy who's worn so many hats would have replaced that old Stetson by now!

"For me, every thing I do is about storytelling, finding that right combination of images and sounds to sell a vibe or message.  I really can’t imagine doing anything else - and I’ve got quite a few stories left to tell."
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bob portune

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